Ignore Learning Styles

Fantastic news for overstretched change management people Don’t fret about how best to cater, or even discover, about your audience’s learning style – it doesn’t matter! At least according to a recent post from the British Psychological Society In a shameless display of confirmation bias, I haven’t read the evidence because the conclusion suits me just … More Ignore Learning Styles

EAST is East

thanks to those lovely people from the UK government’s behavioural insights team (BIT) we can all become designers of behavioural interventions, borrowing from psychology, behavioural economics , nudging etc etc. For more about EAST and BIT let them tell you in their own words for change projects the joy of nudging is that it can … More EAST is East


Besides adding up to ‘100’ , this little ratio is behind a few learning strategies going out on projects I’m involved with this year. My reflection on this model, from the perspective of making change stick, is how to address the ‘70%’ in any organisation? The project team have almost 100% control over the 10% but for the ‘social’ … More 70:20:10