Burn cash, communicate poorly, and spend your short life building stuff nobody wants.

Exactly the opposite of what we want to do at Sony.

Value Proposition Design Cover

“Value Proposition Design” aims to help you avoid the above all-too-common pitfalls. http://www.businessmodelgeneration.com/

The obvious…focus on the customer, identify their pain points, prototype your ideas.

BUT what’s different is that they’ve applied their own methods to this book. And the result is that it’s easy to read (very visual), it comes with an online tool-set that you can start to use straight away, and even provides support for explaining the benefits of the approach to your colleagues.

I’ve already used it to support the design of the next generation ESD solution. It’s helped the SCEE Commercial team come up with suggestions that we hadn’t previously thought of.

Combined with the other book in the series, “Business Model Generation”, this should increase our chances of defining business models and propositions that the customer actually wants and that increase our profit.

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