Furry Elephants and Floating Astronauts…


Slightly off topic & a plug for my friend & former colleague Julian Hamm’s latest publication

‘Why Do Astronauts Float – 50 Misconceptions Even Clever People Have About Popular Science’

Julian is the owner of Furry Elephant & author of the book.

Furry Elephant started off with interactive educational software to teach and test you about ‘electricity’ – one of the most widely misunderstood and poorly taught topics in science education.

Now Furry Elephant is broadening its publishing portfolio with the laudable aim of correcting more of our natural misunderstandings and misconceptions that we never got sorted out in school

Why Furry Elephant?

I think you get that back story if you download the preview of ‘Why Astronauts Float’ – but if not it’ll cost you £2.99 to find out (and get some of your misconceptions straightened out into the bargain)

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